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Showing posts from June, 2009

More Lung

When you do a drawing like this you might begin to question your own sanity. It's a slow process. Satisfies the masochist in me.

Lung Drawing in Progress

This drawing is growing slowly. Pixel by hand drawn pixel!

New Lung Drawing

I am still working on this Lung project. This pencil drawing is taking a long time but it has an interesting quality. I liked Don Fitzpatrick's comments on how I "slow down the digital". This is such a good descritpion of this drawing. A slowed down digital hand made drawing which is somewhere inbetween the two.

Saturday Again!

No blog posts for far too long. Means I have been busy, so it is not a bad thing.
This week was mainly taken up by our Faculty of Arts and Design Conference.
Conferences are always time consuming and also something of a mixed bag. this one had its ups and downs, but considering it was the first one of its kind, it was pretty good.
Meeting Donal Fitspatrick the keynote speaker from Curtin U. in Australia was inspiring and he also gave us lots of valuable feed-back.
Sharing ideas with colleagues, listening to their research ideas and presenting my own was all really good. So lets hope this is not the last, but the first of many .