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Old Paintings Rediscovered.

I dismantled a plan cabinet I made years ago so that I can transport it to my new studio. 
Guess what I discovered ? 
It was made of old paintings I obviously thought were not that great. 
Now I think they might have potential, but they will go back to being a cabinet
 to store new art works
All paintings date from some time in the late1980's.
I made it into the CityScapes Exhibition with one drawing in the Special Merit category and one in the Special Recognition category. Here is the link

Durban City People, Charcoal on Paper, 2016

Sunrise. Pastel on Paper 2015

Durban Cityscape. Pencil sketch on paper.

Sketches from my garden. Pen on paper.

Drakensberg inspired drawings.

Durban Rain, Sketch pad drawing.Pen on paper.

Ma Khumalo, Charcoal on Paper, 2015

Portrait of Divium, Charcoal on paper, 2015.

Portrait of Nirmi, Charcoal on paper, 2015

Small Charcoal Sketches done in the Drakensberg, Lotheni, 2015.

Drawings of Paris, Pen on Paper, 1995. Done during my residence at the Cite des Arts.

City Sky, Charcoal on Paper, 70 x 100cm, 2015.

Sunrise over Durban Harbour, Charcoal on Paper, 700 x 100 cm., 2016

Durban at Dawn, Charcoal on Paper, 41 x 60 cm. 2016

Accordion Player, Charcoal on Paper, 56 x 46 cm., 2015

Rock and Buffalo, Charcoal on paper, 46 x 56 cm, 2015

Two Bavarians, Charcoal on Paper. 60 x 40 cm. 2015

Stuck in the Middle, Charcoal on Paper, 70 x 100 cm. 2015

Walking into the light, Charcoal on Paper, 50 x 70 cm. 2015