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Showing posts from January, 2010

City View Video

This is a work in progress. The first stage of an animated sequence. Each frame of the video is drawn using a mouse and the most basic software, Microsoft Paint.

City View Digital Drawings

This series of digital drawings was done using the Paint programme and a mouse. They were a response to the view from my office window. They are part of a larger series of drawings which I used to make an animated video.

"City View" Pencil Drawing

The final stage of a hand drawn digital image. Another one of my attempts at "slowing down the digital". The drawing took many hours as opposed to the fast productuion of the original digital image on the computer.

This is a more advanced stage of the drawing

This is the beginning of the drawing.

Polokwane drawings

This is one of a series of drawings I did when visiting my brother in Polokwane. They are all done on his veranda. A very peaceful spot.