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My Latest Exhibition

This is some of the work that is currently on exhibition at

March 2008 01.03.2008 - 29.03.2008
Linienstr. 109
10115 Berlin

I am exhibiting wood panels that reflect my recent interest in computer generated imagery combined with my long term involvement with woodcut printmaking.

The old and the new interact with each other in a way which mirrors my own experience of life and art as an ongoing process of reinventing myself.

More Images from artSPACEberlin:

Flower I
136cm (h.) x 91 cm (w.)
Carved wood panel: acrylic paint, printers ink on superwood


114 cm (h.) x 92 cm (w.)
Carved wood panel: acrylic paint, printers ink on superwood

The Process:
I use a computer to create the images. I project them onto a wood panel and then carve out the image by hand. This is what it looks like before I add the colour.


Nirmi Ziegler said…
Hi John,


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I was asked by the curator Derek Zietsman, to participate in this show. He chose four of my recent woodcut prints
Brief artist’s statement on the works:

All four prints speak directly to the theme of kakotopia and reflect a sense of unease, foreboding, and discomfort in a world where things seem to be falling apart.

1. Dark Street reflects my engagement with an area adjacent to my studio. My aim was to echo its sense of unease, foreboding and discomfort.2. Waiting is based on things I see and people I come into contact with whilst walking through the town’s hustle and bustle (to my studio). I am interested in the gritty underbelly of my city rather than the “surf-city –holiday destination” image commonly associated with Durban.

3. Limping Buffalo 
is a metaphor for the state and a social comment on events associated with the #Feesmustfall student unrest in 2016.  
4. There is a Buffalo on the Roof comments on our socially and politically dysfunctional society. Here the buffalo finds itself…

Presentation for IEB Regional Conference VISUAL ARTS 28 January 2017

Harbouring Aliens

Artist StatementJohn Roome, 2010. Harbouring Aliens, digital print on archival paper, A3 (297 x 420 mm). Just as the Soccer World Cup was coming to an end there were reports that xenophobia was about to rear its ugly head again. Threats were made to non South Africans that, come the end of the Soccer World Cup, their houses and shops would be burnt down and their lives would be in danger. Thousands lined the roads waiting to catch buses to get away. (Fortunately the violence was not on the same scale as previously and seemed to have been brought under control). At this time I was photographically recording the changing moods of Cape Town harbour. In one, taken at dawn, the cranes appeared as menacing, robot-like, alien beings.Harbours are universally associated with immigration. These threatening, alien-like machines appeared to me as metaphors for our deep- seated, irrational fear of the “other “. In my drawing I tried to express a sense of the abject, of fear, and imminent violence …